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Meet The Yes Men

Pat McKenna, Neil Crone and Kevin Frank are The Yes Men. Second City Mainstage veterans and household names in the Canadian Television and film biz, the Men collectively bring over a thousand years of Improv Comedy experience to the stage... in dog years! Playfully interacting with the audience throughout their show, an evening with The Yes Men is completely improvised from start to finish. Fast paced, energetic and always hilarious, no two Yes Men shows are ever alike!!!

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What the Audience is saying about The Yes Men...

Wow! What an amazing show last night. I had never seen this incredible Comedy Troupe before, and I will make sure I try to go to all of their future gigs! They are so brilliant and quick! My face was sore from laughing!! If anybody hasn't had the pleasure of seeing these amazing guys on stage, do yourself a favour, and go to the next show if you can! You will love it!

Claire Loach

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A Canadian Treasure! All three are multi talented and I have seen them in dramatic roles as well as comedy. As the Yes Men, they are extremely funny.

Armand Hamouth

Fabulous comedy- funny, smart with just a bit of an edge. These guys take Improv to a new level.

Sue Bond


What a fabulous show at the Uxbridge Music Hall!! I was laughing from start to finish, and then some!! The timing of the three comedians, along with their musical sidekick was brilliant and even the audience members who participated were a riot!! I’ll watch for this to see it again - Loved it!!!

Diana Wilson Geary

The Yes Men Improv will inject fun & laughter into your event! True comedy professionals, Pat, Neil and Kevin provide those belly laughs that are good for the soul. Highly recommended as a must book for your future events!    


Kenna Kozak | Producer - Voices that Care Gala Concert

Personalized Shows

Why, The Yes Men?


A Yes Men show is a unique, one of a kind, never to be repeated entertainment experience.  Because we have no script!  We’re making it up as we go along, flying by the seat of our pants and taking your group with us.  Our show is highly audience interactive, with every game, exercise and scene based on audience suggestions and very often involving audience members on stage.  We depend on our audiences for support, energy and feedback so we treat them like royalty.  Unlike a stand-up comedy show, The Yes Men never go after their audience. We love you guys!

 And the beauty of our show is that it can be tailor-made to a particular groups needs, messages or business direction.  Give us some info on who you are and what you do and we’ll plug it into the show.

Improvisation is also based on the fundamentals of trust, communication, listening and having your partners back…what better message could any business take away from a presentation?

And The Yes Men are men!  We’re not kids.  Kevin Frank, Neil Crone and Patrick McKenna, all of them award winners in the Entertainment Industry, have years of experience delivering top quality corporate entertainment. The Yes Men provide a high energy, fast-paced show that will have your troops in stitches and wondering where the time went.  Give them a treat and give us a call.  We’d love to give you a one of a kind evening. 


Private Party Show

Let us make your special!

"Thank you so much for a fantastic show last Friday. Those that were in attendance are still raving about it. The audience interaction was enjoyed and certainly kept the entire crowd engaged."

- Wilma Wotten 

    Blackstock Community  Centre


Corporate Show

Tailor made to take the bored out of your boardroom!

"Terrific show to break the ice  with my Check Point Team Canada colleagues!  
I can't thank you, Kevin, and Pat enough...  so many hilarious moments that I know the team will be talking about and treasuring for a long time.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!   Rave reviews for THE YES MEN keep pouring in here.... We absolutely loved it!"

- Ron Dekker

Country Manager

Check Point Software Technologies Inc.

Recent & Upcoming Shows!

The Yes Men with the incomparable Judy Nesrallah, Susan Aglukark and some wonderful  caregivers at the Voices That Care fundraiser! Toronto May 5/2023...Hijinks below!

For more info or to Book a Show...

Make your event one of a kind with The Yes Men Improv Comedy Troupe!

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